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Sampling of the Tissint in the News

Nature, 1/18/2012
“This is an incredibly exciting find.”
— Dr. Steve Squyres, Principal Investigator of the Mars Exploration Rover Mission
The Telegraph (UK), 1/17/2012
“Martian samples are among the rarest items on the planet.”
New York Times, 10/15/2012
“Tissint is unique because it fell into the desert and suffered little damage from Earth's environment.”
National Public Radio, 1/20/2012
“An incredible (research) opportunity...”
— Dr. Chris Herd, Senior Research Fellow, Smithsonian Institution
BBC News, 2/8/2012
“This meteorite is the most important meteorite to have landed on Planet Earth in the last 100 years.”
— Dr. Caroline Smith, Meteorite Curator, Natural History Museum in London
The Guardian (UK), 2/8/2012
“It's almost pristine, as if it was blasted off Mars yesterday.”
New Scientist, 10/11/2012
“Contains the first chemical traces of Martian soil brought to Earth.”
— Professor Hasnaa Chennaoui Aoudjehane, Hassan II University